Topaz DRO Lathe

Topaz DRO Lathe

Topaz DRO Lathe is designed to increase operator productivity in all turning operations.
Topaz Lathe features :

1,2 or 3 axis display

Switchable resolutions by axis: Spherosyn and Microsyn 10: 0.0002"/0.0005"/0.001"/0.002" Resolution. Microsyn 5: 0.0005"/0.0001"/0.0002"/0.0005" Resolution.

Absolute / Incremental

Zero Reset / Data Preset

Linear Error Compensation

Inch / Metric Conversion

Radius / Diameter Readings

Center Find

Digifind ( Machine or Part Absolute Reference )

30-day Battery Backup

TOOL OFFSETS: Store up to 99 tool lengths and offests in non-volatile memory. Simple prompts guide operators through tool setup and recall. Decrease scrap and increse accuracy when changing tools.

Topaz Lathe is available in a 2 axis configuration.

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