New Servo Precision Drill Press Series 7000


Smooth, Easy and Quite Operation.

Inch and Metric Versions.

Keyless, Albrecht Chuck Versions { 0-1/8"/0-3mm ( optional 0-1/16"/0-1.5mm); quick and easy drill changes}.

WW Collet Versions {.0039"-.252"/.1mm-6.4mm; less drill run out and improved accuracy because tool is supported closer to spindle}.

Adjustable, Sensitive Quill Lever { feel the drill in cutting motion for less drill breakage and scrapped parts}.

Quill Travel {1.5"/38.1 mm }.

Infinitely Variable Spindle Speeds { 200-2,000 rpm over two belt ranges ( low ratio: 200-4,000 rpm; high ratio: 1,000-20,000 rpm }.

Spindle Runout {.0002"/0.005 mm TIR.}

Dial Guage { .001" or .05 mm/div.; for accurate depth control}.

Dial Gauge Zero Set Knob.

Course Depth Dial { .1"/div. version or 5mm / div. version}.

Adjustable Down Stop { .001" or .05mm/div.; for blind-hold drilling}.

Head Column Lock.

Fine Grain, Ground Cast Iron Base {except Models 7030 / 7130; 7040 / 7140; 7070 / 7170 which have cast aluminum base; elbow also of fine grain cast iron (Models 7040 / 7140, 7070 / 7170) }.